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Pool Construction

Everything for your pool, design, construction, maintenance

Pool Construction – Experienced team since 1968!


In our company we manufacture all types of swimming pools, concrete, or special panels. Overflow or waterfall or skimmer. We apply plaster or liner / membrane or chip. In addition, we can equip them with a hydromassage or spa, according to your needs. And for those who prefer something healthier than chlorine, there are no chlorine-free solutions.

To build your swimming pool and our cooperation with you, we use only top-quality materials that meet the strictest European and international regulations. We offer an ideal combination of quality and price with high aesthetic result and we apply sophisticated engineering equipment.



Service Your Pool


Our company, having permanent staff with significant experience, undertakes the maintenance (inspection, chemical) or the repair of your pool and its machines, whether or not it has built your own swimming pool.

Keep well the best condition of the pool depends on its proper maintenance, so we are next to you when you ask for it.

We have an organized Maintenance section and After Sales Service, with a team of fully-staffed pool technicians, so we can respond your needs and you can enjoy your pool.

Our services include:

  • Visits of our technicians and conservators to check water quality, chemical balance and sterilization, adding the necessary chemicals, etc.
  • Cleaning the pool and filters and repair if required
  • General control of the engine room and individual equipment to detect any damage to all the pool components.


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